How to Read Minds of Others

Ask a scientist and he will tell you that reading someone’s mind is scientifically not possible. Scientists believe that mindreading is nothing more than intuition of humans and they can make guesses on the basis of their experiences and careful observations.

May be it is just out intuition or may be it has some scientific background, but mindreading is a skill that cannot be ignored. There are people out there who are brilliant when it comes to mindreading. And even if someone is not so experienced in this field, he or she can improve their skills with little practice and guidance.


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    Learn body language

    A person’s body language can tell you a lot about their state of mind. Carefully observe a person and see how he behaves in a particular situation. You can learn what it means if a person is clenching and unclenching his fists and the way he is moving around can tell you a lot about him. Even the eyes of a person can tell you the story. A person when excited tends to have bulging eyes and there is a very notable shine in his eyes. You can tell from someone’s eyes whether they are interested in having a conversation with you or not. Nervous people usually do not make eye contact while in a conversation and people who have something to hide, also avoid making direct eye contact. Similarly, nervous people bite their nails when tensed and their shoulders are very stiff during a conversation.

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    Put yourself in another’s place

    Scientist have proved that neurons in human brains can act in a very strange manner and if you put yourself in another person’s place and think from his perspective rather than yours, your mind will start working as it is not yours but his. Another thing about putting yourself in another’s place is that this way you are in a better place to figure out the feelings of others and finding the reasons of their troubles gets easy. You can also anticipate reactions and learn how to tackle them, making mindreading a lot easier than it actually is.

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    Relax your mind

    You cannot expect to read minds of others if you have a troubled mind yourself. In order to read minds, you need to have a relaxed mind. So relax your mind before you practice this skill and do not let your personal stuff halt your progress. And don’t forget to practice all of it because only then you will be able to read minds.

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