How to Improve Your Marathon Time

A marathon is long distance running which is quite challenging as it requires extreme strength and fitness. There are a large number of people who start training for a marathon well in advance to get a higher level of fitness. Improving marathon time is not a short-term task as you have to practice for months, even years.

However, with a strong will and some consistency, you can easily improve your marathon time. People fail only when they start doing the actual training as they do not maintain it over a considerable period of time. If you want to improve your marathon time in a systematic way, take guidance from here.

Things Required:

– Running Kit (clothing)
– Running Shoes


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    First, you should make a complete schedule of running and divide this plan into weeks. Make sure you set up a minimum target of running 40 miles per week and then gradually increase the distance.

  • 2

    You should divide the running distance into days and do it without taking any break for the first three months. It will set up a good base for you and will also provide strength to your legs and abdominal muscles.

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    Clothing is the most important aspect of marathon training. You should wear a casual T-shirt and shorts while running. If you want to invest money in your kit, then spend it on your shoes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable as that will make running long distances easy for you.

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    At the end of every week, you should test your performance by running on a steady tempo. You can also check it by running fast for 30 seconds and then slow down. Repeat this exercise several times until you get tired.

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    You should run for a longer distance throughout the week which will help you in controlling your breath and it will also help you to learn the art of pacing up and slowing down to manage the time.

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    After three months, you should increase the distance from 30 to 50 percent. Now increase the distance from 40 miles per week to 60. Include uphill running into your routine which is the best way for gaining strength.

  • 7

    You should keep participating in local tournaments to checking your progress. It will help you to get more experience and you will be able to cope up with the time-challenge in marathon running.

  • 8

    During the training routine, you need to take care of your food. Include high energy foods into your daily meals which will help you in maintaining strength. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

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