Six Things You Should Avoid Doing At A Workplace

When it come to adding quality to your work, it is the often the case of letting go some of you habit rather than introducing some more. There are many traits which you may be demonstrating consciously or subconsciously and it is important to avoid them.


  • 1

    The Blame Game

    There are so many things which go wrong on a daily basis, and on the surface they are not because of you. For example, it is not your fault if the vendor has not supplied the goods at the pre-decided time, similarly you cannot be blamed if you have completed your work, but another member of your team showed slackness despite your efforts to motivate him or her. Whenever that happens and you are the one who is asked for the explanation, try to be objective and do not direct the blame solely on others. Instead try to see what more you could have done.

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    Stop Being Artificial

    It is perfectly fine if you come to office in a nice get up, but you should never try to be a show off. Do not try to attract people on the basis of you fancy shoes, watch or car etc. Instead, try to engage people genuinely, showing your true personality.

  • 3

    Stop Interrupting

    People will only like you if you keenly listen to them and make them feel important. However, if and when you interrupt, you will immediately become a persona non grata, and it is justified because interrupting is just plain rude. Similarly, it is never a good idea to interrupt somebody while he or she is working.

  • 4

    Quit Whining

    Never whine. That stands for both your professional and personal life. Talking about the former especially, try to be as forthright as possible about various situations and once something goes wrong, instead of sulking over it, try to figure out what could have been done to avoid the situation, instead of finding a shoulder to cry one.

  • 5

    Do Not Be Control

    Some people can’t help their controlling and overbearing nature. Such people try to impose their though process on other and can be really annoying. If people think you are one such person, even though you might not agree, observe where you may have gone wrong and try to reduce the urge to give your take on every matter.

  • 6

    No Fear

    Give your best and then have some faith. Never worry about the consequences when you are content with your efforts.

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