How to Recover From Making a Mistake in a Speech

Giving speeches is something that just about everyone has to do at one point in their life or another. It could be when you are public speaking, or giving a presentation, or anything along those lines.

Giving a speech is something that not everyone can do. This is because people don’t have the basic confidence that is needed to go on and present in front of a number of people. On other occasions, people tend to lose all their confidence when they make an error in a speech, since they don’t know how to recover from it.

Basically, if people giving speeches knew just how to recover from making a mistake in speeches, they wouldn’t be so hesitant to giving speeches and would be more comfortable on stage and in front of others.


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    Stay confident

    The key to giving a good speech and recovering from a mistake in a speech, is to stay confident. You need to always maintain the upper hand in a speech, and the best way to do this is to keep your confidence levels high, even if you make a mistake.

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    Pretend like nothing happened

    The next thing you can do, which is rather effective, is to pretend like nothing went wrong. In case you forgot something, said something you shouldn’t have or just mumbled at a certain point. You need to pretend like nothing went wrong.

    Remember that you are in charge of the speech and apart from you no one has any idea as to what is going on. Hence just keep confident and pretend like nothing has gone wrong at any point in time.

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    Set cues

    Another critical thing that can help you during your speech is if you set cues for yourself. These cues can help remind you of certain parts of your speech, so that if you forget some aspects of it, you can still go on and pick up on the cues and recover.

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    Use cards

    The best way to make sure you deliver your speech with confidence and without any mistakes is to use cue cards.

    These cards will have the main outline to your speech and even if you mess up, you can just look at the cards and recall just what you were talking about, what you needed to talk about and what you should be talking about.

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