How to Have a Good Quiet Time

Life in the modern world is extremely complicated. The technological revolutions over the previous centuries have drastically changed our lifestyles. The different facilities that we enjoy these days, have surely enhanced the level of comfort in our lives; however, there is another side to things which is quite bleak.

Life in today’s world has become broken, messy and extremely hectic. We have no time for our own selves and we spend all our lives searching for happiness by fulfilling materialistic desires. However, we tend to forget that money is not everything when it comes to a peaceful and prosperous life, although it plays a very important role.

If we observe closely, we will find more and more unsatisfied people around us. The pursuit of happiness is never ending, it was the same for people before us, and will be the same for the people after us. However, having some quiet time to yourself can greatly improve your mood and help you release stress.

Having a good quiet time is not just about having isolation. In fact, you need to do certain things and have the right kind of attitude to make full use of time.


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    Make a strong connection with God

    In order to be relaxed and peaceful, you have got to build a very strong connection with God. If you believe in spirituality, it will help you have a very good quiet time. When you are alone and there is no noise disturbing you, close your eyes and try to explore the person inside you. Think about the existence of God and how he is driving the whole universe. The feeling of having a connection with your creator is going to give you immense peace of mind.

    Once you have complete faith in God, you will know that nothing in this world happens without the will of our creator. This is going to help you while you are in pain.

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    Do it in morning

    The best time to spend some quiet time is early in the morning with fresh air, until or unless you are a night animal. This will set the tone for the rest of the day. Take time out for yourself to think and ponder as opposed to waking up and repeating the same hectic routine day after day.

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    Try meditation

    If you are looking for peace of mind, you must try Buddhist meditation once. It is very simple to do and can be learnt easily.

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