How To Develop Poker Face

Poker faces are one of the skills that an individual who wants to survive in the business world should possess. This is because one doesn’t reach their full potentials if they wear their emotions on their sleeves especially in an environment where everyone is ready to pounce on anyone at the sign of weakness. Developing a poker face is not only good for an individual to possess but it is an essential skill in almost every sphere of human interaction. This skill helps you know when to enter something or not, how to be calculative, strategic, observant and smart without giving out your information or reaction on your face or body language.

Poker face doesn’t rely on the ability to have unreadable face, even your body language matter. In this game, your job here is to not overreact over anything, a sit can lead to you sabotaging any business opportunity one might have and how to take control of every situation in your hand. Here are these few guidelines of keeping a strong poker face;


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    The first thing people notice is the face. It is made to express what we are feeling on the inside. From the way the eyes move, to the wrinkling of the nose or the smirk of the lip. All these count in the developing of a good poker face. To attain a good poker face is to relax. This is done by calming every muscle on the body and face. The trick is this, if the body is relax the face automatically is relaxed.

    You need to act like nothing moves you, this means taking things all on a casual level; or all least appear to. Always have a relaxed face, even in a heated conversation, or someone said something to you in a very offensive manner, it could be your boss or colleague, don’t react but keep a relaxed face.

    You might be tempted to roll your eyes or stare or frown, the face is very quick give subtle signs that can blow your cover. You are not to allow that happen at all times.

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    Eye language

    The eye is another powerful tool that can help in the area of poker face. This is done by allowing your eyes to counter that ever you are feeling inside. For example, it is possible to be angry and react by staring down or fiercely at the individual with your eyebrows almost touch the other, or closing of the eye in a squint like manner that give off the illusion that fire is about to come forth, instead go for a subtle look in the eye that says : “are you confused? Or I don’t understand what you are talking about” with a relaxed face, but you can only do this at a colleague or friend but not at your boss.

    Another method is to look emotionless, like you just found out an error that you did and you are learning from your teacher how to not do it again, only in this case the tone might be harsher. One is expected in this case to be calm through the eyes.

    Another scenario could be a colleague who might be saying something harsh, annoying etc, the last place you want to blow up is at the office, stare at this colleague in a very intimidating, you are not worth my time stare and go off doing what you are doing. The trick here is to act totally uninterested, except paying little to know attention whatsoever to whatever that is happening to you, your eye doing the talking not even your lips should move.

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    Body language

    Your face might hold a good poker face but that cover can be blown away if the body is totally saying a different language. Imagine your face is giving an “I don’t care or I’m not interested face” and your body is totally close to where the conversation is holding with your hands under your jaw or your legs stretched towards the area where the discussion is being held.

    Your aim is to keep your body and face synchronized, they should both be interpreting the same language. Always distance yourself from huge crowds or situations that might warrant a reaction. The aim is to be mysterious, distant with a gleam or glint in the eye that says “these eyes are full of stories, answers you will never know”.

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    In order to perfect this skill, one has to practice this face at all time, it is important to be self aware, and also be aware of the people or person you are dealing with, your environment also matters in this area, as they can influence how you act and react. Poker face is you being silent, observant and withdrawn. whatever you do, don't bring attention to yourself and if somehow you do have attention be sure to keep that face expressionless. You are a wall and a wall can't be read.

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