How to Make Contacts Effectively

Either you are a student, a job seeker or a businessman; effective networking plays a key role in your success. It can get you a nice job or it can help you to make your business more effective and successful one. But the key is to do it efficiently. You need to think about various topics of discussion when you are going to talk to a stranger. Your networking skills depend on how you take initiatives and how well your conversational skills are. Following step by step guide can help you to for your networking more effectively.


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    If your communication skills are not good or you do not feel confident in front of others then you should go for coaching classes to build confidence and to gain good communication skills.

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    There is another way to build confidence and to improve communication skills. Try to get some presentations and then deliver the presentations in front of mirror.

    when you are done with building your confidence and communication skills then comes the next step.

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    First of all you should learn the skills to talk to a stranger. Where ever you go just step forward and start a conversation with anyone around you. The examples include if you are in a party a wedding or even you are travelling or shopping, take a look at people near you with a pleasant smile and start the conversation with them. Say “Hi” and ask them “How are they?” and then introduce yourself then ask for their introduction.

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    Whenever you are going to ask a question to anyone, say it with confidence and show your interest.

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    When it comes to the point about networking with people you already know then you should stay in touch with all of them, no matter you need them or not. If you will only call them when you are in need of them then they will consider you mean and will not get back to you. So try to stay in touch with all of the people you already know.

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    Whenever you are talking to someone, when it’s their turn of speech then listen them carefully and take interest, it will reflect you as a very good listener.

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    There are sports clubs and cultural societies everywhere; you should consider getting membership of such societies and clubs. It helps to meet people.

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    Have your business card with you all the time. Hand it over to people you meet with confidence.

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    Social networking sites are also playing a key role to make people know each other. Join websites such as twitter, facebook, or linkedin.

    Linkedin is a very good platform for students, job seekers and professionals.

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