How to Get Rid of a Crush on Someone

Crushes, sometimes, can get extremely difficult to get over. Whatever the reasons behind your liking for that person, he/she is constantly on your mind, and you spend a lot of time thinking about them. The only way you can get over this person is by stuffing your mind up with other things, to block out thoughts of your crush. If you work, then start working more. If you have a hobby, concentrate on it. These things will really help you divert your mind from that one person who has been making your head spin several times in a single day.


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    Whether you work, or you study, start concentrating on your life more than this other person’s life. If you think a lot about him/her, try spending more time working hard or studying hard. Deep inside you do know that it is hard for you to be with that person, so just start thinking about your own life. Over exert yourself and this will help you think about other things and not that one special person. Think about how working more may get you a promotion and studying more may get you a better grade, but thinking about your crush will not get you anywhere.

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    Friends and family are considered to be the best way to divert your attention from a crush. Meet new people and make new friends, or start spending time with your family. Indulge in conversations on topics other than this individual. You will realize that other people’s lives are quite interesting and you will love to interact with them. Sooner or later, you will not be thinking about him/her in particular.

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    Dating a new individual can be done in worst-case scenarios. If you believe that getting over him/her is just not possible, try dating someone. This does not mean that you go out with someone to meet your true love, but it will most definitely help you get your mind off a lot of things. Try to explain to this individual how things in your life have been. Do not indulge in conversations where you start mentioning your crush. Simply, talk about other interesting and common things amongst the two of you.

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    Lastly, find yourself a hobby. Purchasing a few pets in order to change the course of your thinking pattern is a good idea; however, any hobby will do just fine. If you like to travel, move out of town and explore new places. If you like to collect something, start collecting them more. Hobbies are things which you enjoy doing, so thinking about a hobby will occupy your mind for quite some time.

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