How to Deal with a Cursing Person

Even though swearing is considered a bad habit in all parts of the world, it is becoming increasingly popular. Some people do it to express their anger or frustration, while others simply do it because they think cursing is cool. Films and video games have already begun to feature a lot of cursing, which teaches and inspires people to start swearing in everyday life.

If you are familiar with someone who curses a lot, there may be a way for you to help that person drop this bad habit. Be careful while dealing with such a person though, as your tolerance and patience is bound to be tested.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to learn and understand why the person curses. Does the person curse because of anger? Does the person curse habitually because of the belief that it is cool? Has the person been influenced by the films and even cartoons to start cursing while not really knowing what these curses actually mean? It is important to study the person’s behaviour and what is making that person curse.

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    If the person curses to mainly express anger, then let the person know how you feel by either encountering them face-to-face, or sending them an e-mail or text message. Be careful about the words that you choose to convey your message to that person, as you do not want a large list of curses to come your way in response. If the person does not react too well to your telling him how you feeling about his cursing, there is not much you can do.

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    If the person shows the slightest bit of interest in cutting down his habit to curse, help him out by teaching him the importance of thinking before actually bringing those saying something out loud. Get the person to talk less and listen more, while also advising him to start meditating. This will help him attain calmness and control.

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