How to Be Antisocial

While most of the people prefer to have a massive social circle and enjoy their company, some people are more comfortable when left alone. Human is a social animal and even if you are trying to avoid being social with others, there is a good chance that others will try to connect with you. You can, however, keep this connection to a minimum and get a subtle message across to others that you are not interested in socialising. You can still keep a close friend or two while aiming to be antisocial.


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    The first thing that you need to do if you are someone who has a large social circle or are popular in your school, college, university of office is to get your popularity dropped. There are a number of measures that you will need to take in order to do that. First, avoid starting a conversation with others. Speak to others only when it cannot be helped. If someone talks to you, reply bluntly. Keep your tone polite, yet business-like. Stop hanging around other people. Look for a secluded spot to sit by yourself. Eat your lunch alone. You may even have to start being mean to others to make your popularity drop. Stop taking calls and start ignoring text messages.

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    Once your popularity drops, make sure that it stays that way. Continue to avoid starting a conversation and if someone comes over and talks to you, respond bluntly. If you are in an academic environment, try not to attract attention during classes. Never be the person who wants to ask questions or give answers. Do not do anything stupid that may cause everything to start at you. Be sure to turn your cell-phone to silent. If you are working in an office, keep your phone on silent and in your pocket as it may end up attracting the attention of a phone-freak. Do your work silently and on time. Keep your work-station clean. Never send any unnecessary mails to your management. Neither be the first person to arrive, nor be the first person to leave the office. Speak to others only when it cannot be avoided. Try not to laugh when someone says something funny.

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    Pretend to be occupied with something so that others think twice before disturbing you. In classes, keep your eyes either on the person giving the lecture, or keep them fixed on your book/register. In office, look busy even if you are free.

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