How to Motivate Literally Anyone

Whether you are an entrepreneur, owner of a company or simply a human resource manager, the most difficult task of your job is to keep your employees motivated, inspired and productive. The key to this process is to become aware of the different thinking patterns which your employees foster in different situations and by understanding their personality types.

Looks like a fixed formula to success right?


The technique to motivate people is not something which is written in stone. There are so many precedents in which employers have successfully inspired their employees by implying techniques which appear rather whimsical on the surface.

The biggest example of that is Google’s “20% time, which promotes the employees to explore their sense of creativity on company’s time. The result of this approach came in the form of Gmail, Google news and AdSense. Then there are companies which try to motivate their employees through tangibles, like bonuses, raises, awards etc.

In actuality though, an employer should try to instil a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic endeavours to motivate the employees, while assessing the behavioural patterns. This can be done if the man incharge has the following attributes;


  • 1

    Be a Thorough Professional

    People don’t like to work under someone, whose knowledge level is less than theirs. They want their leaders to be competent and knowledgeable. It is only then that they would be encouraged to give their optimum performance. Most employees are pretty interested in knowing how they are make a difference to a venture or a company and that cannot be fully appreciated if the person on the top is not a thorough professional.

  • 2

    Be Organized

    As a leader, you have to set the example. You cannot expect your worker to come in at 0900 hrs if you are not the first one to enter the office.

  • 3

    Be Appreciative

    Appreciation is to motivation what body is to soul. Without appreciation, it is just not possible to foster motivation among your employees. Be prompt in your analysis about a specific project and do not shy away from giving the credit where it is due. The golden rule in this regard is to appreciate publically and for the more structural type of employees, put the appreciation in writing.

  • 4

    Be Innovative

    Keep on thrusting your employees with new and innovative ideas, and encourage them to come up with ideas of their own. Develop a sense of ownership within your people and be a person who supports innovations and creativity.

  • 5

    Be Trustable

    This is actually a no brainer. Fulfil your commitments and never fall back on your promises.

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