How to Deliver a Eulogy without Crying

With the loss of a loved one comes undeniable pain and emotional suffering. Whether or not you were close to the dead, there is difficulty in controlling the rush of emotions, especially when remembering that lost soul in front of a crowd of mourners.

A eulogy is without a doubt, one of the most difficult public speeches that have to be made in memory of the deceased, and usually the person most closed to the dead is chosen to do so. Most of the time, it is nearly impossible to do without crying, but there are ways that ensure it can be done.


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    Prepare the Speech

    Preparing the speech is the most important part after you have realised that you will be the one delivering it. Being prepared to do such an act is the first part of trying to control emotions.

    Realising that death is a part of life will also allow you to come to the fact that everyone has to go one day and that the departed has moved on to a better place now.

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    Describe the Good Memories

    The eulogy is basically spoken out in honour of the past and for that, it is best to stick to the best memories you have of that person instead of going into more personal details or letting people know of any flaws the dead may have had. Describe your relationship and how you felt with that person and the demise may affect you in the future.

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    Keep it Short

    Mourning will always bring an emotional rush to the mourners or the one giving the speech, which is why it is best to always keep it short. This means that it should be solely about the deceased and all off topic things should be kept out of it. It is not easy for anyone being there which is why the speech should be in relation to how good that person was and how they will be missed dearly.

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    Do Not Go Into Details

    Getting too attached to the eulogy will not be good for doing it without crying. The overall facts should be stated so that everyone will get an idea of how the deceased was, but going in-depth will definitely bring out the emotions in a lot of people other than you.

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