How to Set Personal Boundaries

Personal development is one area in your life that can either break or make your self esteem. Setting personal boundaries can help us form healthy relationships with friends, family member and colleagues. Essentially, personal boundaries are imaginary lines that you create around yourself to make sure your mind, body and emotions are protected at all times. Personal boundaries also allow you to express yourself without being disrespectful. Follow some simple instructions to help set individual limitations to make sure you are in the driver’s seat of your own life.


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    Absence of personal boundaries can considerably damage your relationships. Without healthy limitations, it will be almost impossible to avoid becoming entangled with another person and his/her needs. Therefore, it is recommended to be honest and patient to retain your own identity. It will not be wrong to say that fear is the root cause of most personal boundary issues. To overcome these fears, it is important to set personal boundaries in every relationship.

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    Sit down and work out how you have been allowing others to take advantage of you and why you had to accept certain situations that were unacceptable. Decide what kind of emotional and physical space you need. If possible, prepare a list of things that you do not want people to say or do to you. Clearly define your belief system and moral values by drawing a picture of how you want to live your life.

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    Have a discussion with people who tend to cross your personal boundaries. Communication can help resolve numerous personal issues. Let people know that there are certain things that you find unacceptable. Politely explain to them how they crossed your boundaries. Ask people to respect your limitations and personal views.

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    Expect that communication about personal boundaries can be a difficult, especially with complete strangers. Others may attempt to say something in defense or push back to salvage their pride. Some people even break their relationship with you as a result of your demand for self esteem but this will prove to be beneficial for you in the long term.

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    Have the heart to encourage and reward those who respect and support your personal boundaries. Tell them that their cooperation made a big difference in your life.

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