How to Become a Remarkably Likeable Person

Whenever you meet a stranger or an acquaintance, there always come that awkward time when you run out of words and the other person is also at odds to extend the conversation. That can basically ruin the first impression which is so pivotal to a productive conversation. This short coming has to be over come in order to increase your likeability. There are some golden rules in this regard, which will be discussed in this article.


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    Lose your ego

    Do you like a person who appears to be arrogant?

    Do you like someone who tries to act all too sophisticated in front of you?

    Would you like to associate with someone who intentionally tries to maintain a distance with you?

    If your answer in no, then remember that the same applies to you.

    Lose your ego when you meet someone, make him or feel comfortable. It is alright to show some self confidence and formality, but don’t condescend the other person. There is no harm in shaking the hand gently and ensuring to the other person that his the important one.

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    Touch is Powerful

    Touch is a powerful thing when it comes to making someone comfortable. However, always select the appropriate time for such an act. If you try to pat someone and place a hand on his/her shoulder, make sure that your touch is very light; there shouldn’t be any sexual pretext or desire behind it.

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    Be Impressed

    As I said earlier, in order for somebody to like you, you have to make him or her realize that he is important. Even if you meet somebody who is not at the same physical or mental level as you are, try to focus on his or her positive points. The next step is to be impressed with those traits and appreciate them.

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    Become a Keen Listener

    People like to be heard as it gives them a sense of importance. If somebody is talking to a group of people you will often note that the speaker will have his or eyes focused on only one or two people. These will be the people who will be listening very keenly.

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    Do Not Be Demanding

    Nobody likes a person who comes with a baggage, be it some favour or complains. Be a happy go lucky fellow and try to bring joy into other people’s life through your conversation.

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