Five Ways Being Vulnerable Can Help You In Life

Most people by default prefer not to wear their hearts on their sleeve, that is being honest and open about their feelings and emotions. From pop culture to the advice we received as young children, we were warned about the dangers of making ourselves emotionally vulnerable. You probably even know someone who can be used as a case study to prove this point.

But it isn’t the opposite just as dangerous? Going through life in a metal casket for “emotional protection” must be exhausting.

Believe it or not, there are times when being emotionally vulnerable can work to your favor. It is all about knowing when to make a positive emotional connection to another human being, whether in a relationship, the office, or even with family members. The subject of this article is a staple in the toolbox any chronic manipulator. But we trust you will use your powers for good, right?


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    Be yourself

    Do not feel afraid to reveal to reveal who you are. Being someone other than you is not a sustainable way to gaining  the confidence, trust and attention of people.. People connect faster with those that are real to them, nobody wants to meet a fake or phony person.

    Life is black and white, almost mundane for most people, its real emotions and real people that brighten this world.  You can only be able to use the power of your vulnerability when people can "see you”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all of you, but that "you" that would make someone take any interest in you.

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    Walk in other people's pain

    It is a pretty common notion that most people don’t want to carry other people's burden or situation since everyone is facing one or two issues themselves. But in order to win with the power of being vulnerable is to walk in the pain of some body. This shows you understand them, you’ve being where they’ve been, you know how it feels to be at whatever feeling they’ve been in. This will connect a bond between you and that individual. It is important to find a common ground understand each other and it should be genuine.

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    Show emotions

    Emotions are the means by which we become vulnerable. There is something powerful about showing emotions. Strong people show emotions, they may hide it and not show it all the time, but every now and then when they do, it is powerful and compelling that it forces you to move to action or do something.

    Emotions when used at the right time for the right situation can change one’s life around, be it a relationship, or in other random scenarios. When you become vulnerable with yourself, it brings out something in you, causing you to work harder to fight for what you want.

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    Be honest

    Honest people are vulnerable. These kinds of people know that in order to gain the trust of others they have to be truthful and reliable in all of their dealings. You ask them how they feel and they will tell you, be it for themselves or if they are asked for an advice. Friendships and relationships are built when trust is the foundation of the relationship. This is highly needed in everyday situations be it in your work life or any other area when people feel they can actually open up to you and you won’t judge them, you have earned their trust and who knows the kind of possibilities being vulnerable can open by just being honest.

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    Love is fundamentally the most empowering aspect of being vulnerable. When you are capable of genuine appreciation, you become vulnerable to that very thing. Because of the love you have for it, every energy is directed to it and you consciously care for it, willing to go the extra mile. You have become vulnerable to love and to what you love.

    The power of what love does to an individual is boundless. You are not weak when you become vulnerable, instead you show strength, that you have the ability to showcase what others cannot and that makes you a tougher person.

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