How to Become Heartless Person

Being successful demands a lot of sacrifices and the biggest of them all, is to become a heartless person. One cannot simply reach the top of the world by being a good person to everyone. You have to think of yourself rather than others.

People will definitely not consider you as a role model for the society, but that does not matter at all, especially if you are successful. If you start taking decisions by heart, others will take advantage of you, so start thinking with your mind instead. Realise what life is all about.

In this world, there are just two types of people; one who take advantage of others by being heartless and the others who become victims to these selfish, mean, but successful human beings.

Which side would you want to choose? A rational person will opt to be heartless, as that is the only way to success. This may sound really cruel, but an example will clarify things further.

Imagine you are a fast bowler and are going to bowl to a young batsman, who is making his debut in the sport. Will you try to terrorise him with speed or just give him juicy half volleys to score runs? I am sure a professional will never choose the second option, as that would put your career on stake.

So, why make sacrifices for others just to win the hearts of people, who have nothing to do with your life.


  • 1

    Become selfish

    The first thing you must do is to become a selfish human being. Always think of your interests first.

  • 2

    Turn your back on others

    Whenever someone needs you, turn your back on him/her. You are not the one who put them in trouble, so why waste time. Just focus on chasing your personal goals and don’t slow down for anyone.

  • 3

    Make others love you and then ditch them in the worst possible way

    Like all other activities in life, being a heartless person requires you to practice hard. The best way of rehearsing this act is to make friends love you and then dump them in the worst way imaginable. The more hearts you break will strengthen your chances of being mean, but successful.

  • 4

    Ridicule your friends

    Another way of being prominent is to ridicule your friends in public. Torture them in the best possible way, especially the ones who are emotionally unstable. Make their life a living hell and never apologise to them for what you do.

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