How to Gain Eternal Life

Most of us have become so busy in working hard to fulfil our materialistic desires that we have forgotten the ultimate truth of life, which is that we are not going to remain in this world forever. God clearly tells us in his books that every living being in the universe has to taste death sometime. It is said that the eternal life is going to start after death, but the question is, have we done enough preparation for that life? Most of us are in such a massive debt of sins that we owe to God and those around us, that we are not able to find the solution. However, there is no need to lose hope, and all we need to do is correct our paths from this moment onwards.


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    Have faith

    No matter what religion you belong to, you must have a strong faith in your God. However, it is very important that your faith is not completely blind. You should study about your religion as well as the other religions of the world, and after appropriate research; you should decide to adopt a religion. A faithful person believes that everything that happens in this world is the will of God. This faith will help you a great deal in difficult situations, because you will consider it all to be a test.

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    Having enhanced your level of faith, you should develop a realisation within yourself about your bad deeds of the past. Once you are able to develop that realisation, chances are high that God will forgive you for your sins and you would be able to have an eternal life.

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    Read the book of God regularly

    In order to remain on the right track, it is imperative that you read the words of God regularly. If you are a Christian, you should read some verses of Bible every day; whereas, Muslims should read the Quran to seek out the path of truth.

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    Live for others

    Instead of giving too much importance to this materialistic life, one should try to make others happy. Try to comfort others and you will find yourself developing a close connection with God. Be honest in your dealings with others and always remember that ‘God is watching’.

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    The importance of charity is very high in all religions. You should always be willing to help the needy, as this is one of the most effective ways of gaining God's favor.

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