How to Barter With Someone

Barter is an exchange system in which goods and services are exchanged for other goods and services without the medium of exchange e.g. currency. Barter usually takes place instead of money in time of crisis e.g. when currency is unstable or unavailable for conducting commerce.


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    Look at the skills and products you have to offer

    First of all you need to know what demanding skills and products you have to offer. The first thing you can think to offer anyone is what you are expert at or what you have done. For Example if you have done a job or have experience in something than you can offer to anyone as you can easily do it.

    You can also check your house to find things which are difficult to sell or which is giving you a loss when selling. Thus it is better to take these things and use them for barter. A bottle of wine can easily be used as barter. In addition to this, you can buy cheap stuff from garage sales and then use it for barter.

    Some work can easily be accomplished by anyone so you can opt to that work e.g. baby sitting, dog walking or pet sitting. You can also give computer help to others or mow lawns and pull weeds in someone’s ground.

    If you are good in artwork then you can make creative stuff and can put it up for exchange.

    The easiest way is to give someone ride from their home to work or where they want to go or come. You can also make or bake dishes which you are good at and barter it with someone.

    Cleaning someone home or sewing someone’s fabric can also help you make deal with anyone.

    You can also let someone stay in a portion of your house for a period of time.

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    Check barter section under for sale in Craigslist page or newspapers

    To get things you require with barter system then you can check Craigslist page if your city have. Go into the barter heading under ‘for sale’ category.

    You can also put an ad of your product or service you want to barter.

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    Visit barter based websites

    You can go to sites which specializes in the barter system e.g. barter, u-exchange, barterplanet, swapstyle, bizx, barterbee and many more.

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    Extend your network

    You can convert your co-workers, families and friends into barters. By this you will be extending your networking and can take help from anyone. If you require something and your friend has it then you can ask them for trading directly or indirectly.

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