How to Protect Yourself from Pneumonia

Pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs is one of the most common respiratory diseases. It can develop as a distinct disease or as a complication of other diseases.

The normal symptoms of pneumonia is that the patient might feel drowsiness, chills, cough, chest pain and rapid breathing accompanied by high fever. In case you contract this serious illness, there are number of traditional remedies to get rid of it along with other scientific ways. Proper treatment of pneumonia is aimed at eliminating the source of inflammation and treatment of associated symptoms. This treatment, either alopathic or traditional, should be taken only under medical supervision, since the possible consequences of inadequate therapy may be life-threatening.

However, as the old cliche goes – protection is better than cure.

If you want to protect yourself from pneumonia, you just have to follow certain guidelines and rules.


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    Respiratory system is vulnerable to viruses and bacteria which might promote different diseases along with pneumonia. Practically any micro-organism may cause a type of pneumonia. However, there are common habits which facilitate pneumonia. It is highly recommended to quit smoking even if you are a chain smoker because smoking makes the respiratory system weak and allows pneumonia germs to affect the body.

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    It is highly recommended to look after your personal hygiene and try to remain clean all the time. In this way you can make your immune system strong, which ultimately will lessen your chances of picking up a virus easily. It is desirable to wash your hands four to five times a day. Take shower in the morning and before going to bed. Germs cannot only enter through your mouth but they can also enter your body through other possible ways. For example, if you keep rubbing your eyes with dirty hands or keep your teeth dirty etc.

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    Eat healthy food and always check the expiry date before eating products such as frozen yogurt, meat etc. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetable to remain healthy. Drink maximum water throughout the day irrespective of the season because water will force out the unnecessary toxic substances in your stomach through the urinary bladder.

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    If you have a tendency to slack in the aforementioned procedures, pneumonia vaccination is the best way to protect yourself. It should be done in all cases.

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