How to Strengthen Your Creative Writing Skills

Creativity is present in every person. You have to channelize and express your creative skills in any manner most suitable to you. Many people prefer to channelize their creative abilities through writing. In fact, creative writing has been adopted as a profitable profession by many individuals through online blogs and websites. Since creative writing has become a competitive profession these days, you have to strengthen your writing skills continuously to excel in this field. Polishing your creative writing skills do not involve intensive hard work but some simple steps can yield substantial results.


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    Gather up some material for improving your creative skills. You should have notepads, a personal journal, pens, pencils, a dictionary, encyclopedias and a collection of different books, magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals for reading.

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    Determine a certain time period, at least four times in a week, for practicing your creative writing skills. Practice makes a man perfect and you have to spend as much time as possible to excel your abilities.

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    Always keep writing something new and then proofread and revise it to look out for mistakes. Keep examining your writing pieces and observe if you are improving.

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    Make a habit of reading every day. You can read educational, interesting and entertaining material to observe how pro writers express their thoughts in different ways. Reading improves your grammar and increases your vocabulary as well.

  • 5

    You should list down your preferred topics and then decide what subject matter you should write upon. You can choose any sort of topics you feel most comfortable to write. This list of preferences can change with the passage of time.

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    You should write in your personal journal every day. You can write anything in it, such as about goals, interests, hobbies, any birthday or holiday events and even about your friends and family. You can also write about your feelings, dreams and any thought which comes into your mind. Try to be creative and fluent in your expression.

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    Indulge in several reading and writing activities at least once a week. You can find tons of workbooks and learning material at book shops or online. This activity will speed up your improvement of your writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary skills.

  • 8

    Go for a writing project at least once a week. This project can include any essay, short story, memoir, article, report or any speech.

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