How to Be Emotionally Independent from Parents

Most of us are strongly attached with our parents and we seek guidance from them. However, there comes a moment when you feel that you are being a little too dependent. You want to be emotionally independent from your parents.

This is not an easy thing as you do not want to give them the impression that you have decided to fly solo and their counselling is not required. You will have to tread carefully as any inappropriate move can damage your relation with your parents.

However, you can learn how to be independent by following some simple directions.


  • 1

    Evaluate yourself:

    First of all, you should do a self evaluation and find out what are the things that are making you emotionally dependent on your parents. Try to discover the weak points of your personality and then be courageous to overcome these issues. You may ask some friend or even family member to help you in this regard.

  • 2

    Have faith in your abilities:

    Sometimes, this emotional dependency is just a by-product of a lack of self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself to take bold steps otherwise you won’t be able to come out of your mentors’ influence. Test your skills by doing something new without anyone help.

  • 3

    Learn how to judge people:

    There is no short cut to experience so try to engage yourself in dealing with strangers. Try to use your intelligence to judge others. This will really help you to be self dependent. Moreover, be ready to accept all the cruelties of world otherwise you will be running back to your parents for shelter.

  • 4

    Reduce the expectations:

    You must not expect everything from your parents. Try to make your own life and do not think that your parents will show disapproval to this rather they will be proud of your approach. However, you do not need to throw them away to be independent. You should be a strong support for your parents.

  • 5

    Create space to breathe:

    Though, they are your first and the closest companions but you do need space to breathe. Make them realise that you are old enough to differentiate between good and bad.

  • 6

    Love yourself:

    You must idealise yourself. Be your hero and try to follow what your mind and heart are suggesting you. However, there is no harm in discussing with your parents.

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