How to Be Emotionally Resilient

No matters what happens in your life, you can handle it if you are emotionally strong and resilient. Every human being has its own methods to stand firm in the worse conditions but one common thing is that they do not lose heart come what may.

Being emotionally resilient does not mean that you are a heartless stone. It is just to make sure that you rise on your own toes. This mental and emotional toughness reminds you that you are not powerless.

You can become emotionally strong by following a couple of simple but effective directions.


  • 1

    Believe in yourself:

    You should trust your abilities and do not seek shoulders to cry on if something does not go according to your plans. Though, self confidence is the by-product of emotional strength but it also helps in strengthening the emotional side of your personality.

  • 2

    Explore yourself:

    Self evaluation is also another useful method to be emotionally resilient. You must look for weak points of your personality and prepare a list of things that weaken your grip over your spirit. Try to detach yourself from those things and you will feel a less intensive blow in case of any mishap.

  • 3

    Do not have expectations from others:

    You should stop depending on others. Try to have fewer expectations from others as you get disappointed when they don't come through for you. Being self dependent will ultimately make you emotionally strong.

  • 4

    Share your feelings with dear ones:

    Remember, you cannot live alone in this world so try to build special bonds of affinity with others. Your near and dear ones always help you when you need them. Share your problems, thoughts and feelings with them. Having people around really helps you to be emotionally stable and secure.

  • 5

    Be honest:

    You should be honest not only with yourself but also others. Do not fancy yourself and your loved ones as something else rather accept them the way they are. Try to find common grounds and there will be fewer disappointments in case of any misfortune.

  • 6

    Give yourself time to get over with it:

    You must remember that time heals everything. It is okay if something goes wrong, stop mourning and start from scratch. Just tell yourself that forthcoming days will bring something better. Stay positive and try to look on the bright side of the picture.

  • 7

    Stay in pursuit of your dreams:

    Be visionary and keep dreaming. Set new goals for yourself and put an honest effort to achieve the targets.

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