Tips To Save Money Better

Have you ever spent money but cannot seem to account for it at the end of the day? Trying to save money in today’s world of instant gratification, is almost an impossible thing to do. Whatever your reasons, you need to learn how to control yourself to prepare for the future.

Even with all these distractions, you can still save your money in the most effective ways you think not to look. Right within this article, we have compiled for you a few tips to help you save your money and avoid anyhow spending.


  • 1

    Save your loose change

    Whether you know this or not, but putting aside fifty cents a day over the course of the year can allow one save up to nearly 40% of a $500 budget fund. So imagine how much you can save with bigger numbers involved!

  • 2

    Keep track of your spending

    Spending money without keeping track of it can lead to series of unwanted problems. So to be on a safe side always, use a credit card, checking and other records to review all that you’ve purchased at-least once a month.

  • 3

    Avoid purchasing items on impulse

    Haven’t we all been there, spending on impulse? Well, by now you must know the consequence of doing such. That is why, you must see to it that you avoid spending anything that isn’t in your budget.


  • 4

    Use credit and debit cards wisely

    The more often you make use of credit cards the more charges you get to pay. So minimize the use of your credit cards to avoid being charged always.

  • 5

    Take advantage of discounts

    Most people don’t like discounted purchases, well, that’s for them! As far as trying to save your money is concerned, purchasing discounted favorite items is in your best interest, so take advantage.


  • 6

    Try buying things online

    Whether you know this or not, but everything online seems to be cheaper this days. Compared to regular shopping at the malls and so on, you can save a lot from buying things online. So give it a try!


  • 7

    Take lunch to work

    If buying lunch at work will cost you up to $10 compared to the $5 you are likely to spend if you prepared from home, don’t hesitate to start taking lunch to work.

  • 8

    Avoid eating out all-week long

    Whether you are living the bachelor life or don’t know how to cook, is not license to eat outside all week long. If you have to take cooking classes, then start now. Because eating out all week long, will do you no good.

  • 9

    Limit cab transportation

    Transportation is another area of spending that can determine how well one is able to save up money. Instead of taking a cab always, that’s if you don’t have a vehicle, then public transit should be a better alternative. You can save $5-10 per-trip or more.

  • 10


    With these tips, you are likely to save up your money, even more than expected. So make good use of them.

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