How to Make Your Heart and Mind Work Together

Everyone has to make decisions in life on a regular basis. Some of these choices do not make a big impact, so their importance is less. For example, drinking tea or coffee will not change much in your life, but you still have to decide what to drink at the end of the day.

There are two ways in which we take decisions; one is by heart and the other by mind. Most people would say that the latter sounds more practical, so there is no need to think of anything else.

However, one school of thought says that it is always better to make judgements by your heart, as that helps you be at the right place amongst right people. An example is of choosing your friends.

Most of us become good friends with people we like and that decision comes from heart rather than the mind. Similarly, what we choose to eat, how we dress up and many other things of such nature come right from our heart. They have nothing to do with our mind.

On the other hand, when we come into our practical life, we have to start controlling our emotions and start thinking cleverly. When it comes to job, marriage and other such important decisions affecting or life, we should listen to our mind.

Although the situation matters a lot, the best thing is to keep a balanced approach towards everything. So why not take both the heart and mind into consideration before coming up with a solution.

Some people may deem this as an impossible task, but it certainly can be possible. Imagine if a criminal minded person thinks from his heart, he will stop the wrongdoings. However, he focuses on earning money by the wrong way, so continues being evil.

Therefore, the best way to be positive and happy is to keep the heart and mind together while making any judgements.


  • 1

    Don’t confuse yourself

    Although you have to keep everything in consideration, never confuse yourself with anything.

  • 2

    Analyse the situation

    Always analyse the situation from your heart and if you feel your decision won’t hurt others, then think of what benefit you will get out of it. The latter part has to be done by your mind though.

  • 3

    Rate your decisions

    Once you have made any choices, consider them over and over again to see whether you were right or wrong. Keep both the heart and mind in consideration while doing this, so you can practice to maintain a balanced approach.

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