7 Ways to be a Gentlemen

You may be the hottest guy in the world but if you don’t have gentlemen like features or act like one then you will not get anywhere close to the hottest chick – this simply step by step guide below will teach you how you become more of a gentlemen it was brainstormed and written together by a woman and a man with a good amount of experience – so you get it full and raw.


  • 1

    Confidence is very gentleman-like and a woman loves a man with confidence therefore you must have that belief within yourself and your appearance – you are the package and she would want nothing less than you.

  • 2

    Keep in mind not every woman is the same just because you got rejected by one hot looking girl doesn’t mean that the same will happen with everyone that you attempt, do not lose hope… do not lose confidence.

  • 3

    Wear smart clothes as well as clothes that make you feel comfortable, for example don’t wear a suit that is too baggy as women that are fetching for a gentlemen look at this straight away and pick it up.

  • 4

    Show her signs of interest – make eye contact, keep speaking to her as this will make her feel the sense of “want” a true sign of being a gentlemen.

  • 5

    Remember the saying “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated” well the same goes with when being a gentle-men the word “gentle” is before the man so show less of the manliness and more of the gentleness when handling women and they will pick this up right away… once the heart is yours, continue to treat her with respect, continue to surprise and treat her with respect and you may not just had a “hot woman” you might have just a wife.

  • 6

    Last reminder: Period days, some women will warn a man in advance of when they’re on there period whereas other woman are not that straight up however it is fairly noticeable after a little while to when a woman is on therefore you should be a lot more considerate during this time as arguments can occur a lot more quicker with such hormones kicking in.

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    Be honest, be transparent always.

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