How to Stop Swearing in the Workplace

Workplace is one of the most important places as a person earns his or her livelihood there. Having tough time at work is nothing unusual and can sometimes become a constant.

It is important that an appropriate mannerism is maintained at work and one must avoid rude behavior. There are however times when people lose their calm and start using profanities at work. It is not only inappropriate is also likely to land you in serious trouble with the higher-ups of the organization. If you have a habit of swearing at workplace, there are ways in which it can be kicked out. All it needs is commitment and perseverance at your end.


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    Most people fail to realize that they have a problem when they are swearing at work. They feel that is it natural to use profanities. There is a need to understand that this is not a normal behavior and the practice of using foul language should be curbed. Once you realize this, it will get easier. Be sure not to indulge into activities and situations that cause anger.

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    Expand Your Vocabulary:

    By doing so, you can use substitute words that do not have bad meanings. This will automatically make you calmer as well and add to your confidence.

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    Punish Yourself:

    If the problem persists or you feel that you are unable to stop, detail a small punishment for yourself. Swearing jar is a fantastic idea in this regard as you put a dollar every time you use profanities. You can use the money for someone other than yourself. As your pocket feels the pinch, you will naturally be more careful.

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    Ask your friends to discourage you when you use obscenities. Also avoid such acquaintances who tend to swear all the time. This will naturally help you in eliminating the habit.

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    Choosing what to Listen Carefully:

    Do not listen to music that has a lot of swearing. Doing so will help you stay calm as well.

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