How to Have a Good Self Image

Self image is your perception about yourself. It can be a positive or negative one. But, a good self image can make you feel more bold, confident and happy, which automatically leads to success in life. Your optimistic remarks about yourself motivate you to do even better which again can be a positive contribution towards your family and society. It is necessary for everyone to get an idea of the simple techniques involved in knowing how to have a good self image in order to be proud of yourself.


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    Be yourself

    You are different from the entire world and there is no one else like you. So you don’t need to pretend or change yourself just because of the fear that what others think of you. However, positive changes in personality are always welcome.

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    Adopt an optimistic approach

    Stop highlighting your negative habits and try to feel good about the positive ones that you are blessed with. And if you are really worried about your negative habits, even then thing positive, motivate yourself and try to eradicate them to feel much better.

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    Stop criticizing yourself

    You have no right to criticize yourself for things that were beyond your command. If something goes wrong with someone and you could not help them, you simply cannot blame yourself for it.

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    Don’t dwell on previous happenings

    “There is not to cry over spilled milk.” Stop thinking about the past mistakes and failures as they can make you think negative about yourself. If you are really concerned about the past happening, then what about overcoming them and making a determination not to repeat them again?

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    Feel good about your assets

    Think of all those physical and mental attributes that you are blessed with and be thankful to God. Your assets of life in the form of achievements, comforts, sincere relations and physical strengths etc are truly worthy.

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    Pamper yourself

    Love and pamper yourself as you adore others. Take care of your physical, mental and emotional needs.

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    Take part in social activities

    Boost your self-image by taking part in various social events going on in your surroundings. If you are a busy person to volunteer, simply donate some amount to any old age home, orphanage or NGO etc.

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    Say cheese!

    Do not miss any chance to smile in today’s world of numerous tensions. Look into the mirror in your room and smile – we bet that you will love it and feel good.

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    Take care of your dressing

    Dressing and personal hygiene have great impact on your overall thinking about yourself and personality. Stay clean, put on something flattering, tie up your hair properly and rock your world.

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    Be consistent

    Changing your perception about yourself can take time. So be patient, keep struggling and enjoy the end product in the form of a good self image.

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