How to Accept Yourself Your Life and Your Reality

Sometimes, it is difficult to accept reality so you seek shelter in lies, fancy yourself something else and live in an imaginary world. This is not a solution rather it creates trouble for you. Living in an imaginary world is like an addiction which you should give up immediately.

Hardly few know how to accept the reality and unfortunately majority of people lives in permanent state of denial. There is no doubt in that the truth is often merciless and it hurts but you can prepare yourself to accept it in your life by following a couple of simple directions.


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    Don’t be victim of self-pity:

    You must be honest with yourself and do not give any kind of sympathy as it can turn you in to an awful person. However, it does not mean that you are going to curse yourself badly on every small mistake. There is a huge difference between being nice to yourself and giving protection to yourself.

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    Self evaluation:

    Self evaluation is the most important thing in bringing things back to the real world. Spare some time for yourself, sit in front of the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions. Discuss current happenings of your life, your actions and reactions. Trust me this exercise will really help you find out who you actually are.

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    Embrace yourself:

    You should start loving yourself. Appreciate and congratulate yourself even for small achievements. Sometimes, people do not accept the reality just because they did not want their life to be like that. Tell yourself that it is not a solution.

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    Admit your flaws:

    You should start admitting your faults as it will be your first step in accepting your real personality and life. This will not only keep you away from illusions but you will also learn how to make yourself a better person and how to transform the imaginary or desired world into reality. You must know that no one can turn the situation in his or her favour without realising what is wrong.

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    Seek help from dear ones:

    You can ask your friends and family members to help you in this matter. Have an open discussion with them about your personality and welcome their opinions and suggestions.

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    Do not expect immediate results:

    You must realise that these exercises will not yield an immediate result so you should be consistent and patient.

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