How to Develop a Habit of Writing

The ability to read and write is one of the biggest blessings in life. It makes the life of a person full of colour and expression. Writing, in particular, is very useful, as it is a way to express ones opinions about different matters. It is a habit that is hard to develop, but once it is developed, it helps a person in improving his or her communication skills in a big way.

In order to get into the habit, there are certain things that a person must do. Like everything, it takes commitment and perseverance to successfully write on a regular basis.


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    If you read a lot, you will have plenty of things to ponder over and to express your opinions about. The more knowledge you have, the better you can explain your views. Reading more also drives a person to write on various matters.

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    Find an inspiration

    Most writers are inspired by someone or something that may have occurred in the past. Look for an inspiration. Everyone has some kind of inspiration in life that forces that person to work harder and do better, in order to achieve greater heights. It is no different for those who write.

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    Make it fun

    It is human nature to want to do things that you enjoy, and one must apply the same rule to writing. When you are finding it fun to write, there will be a lot of natural motivation to write more and more.

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    Have a schedule

    You need to maintain a schedule detailing what times you want to reserve for writing. Make sure that the time slot you keep for writing is properly utilised. In case you feel like writing at some other time, do not hesitate and go ahead with it. There is no bar on being creative at random times.

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    Reward yourself

    Whenever you complete a writing task per your plan, reward yourself. It can be anything that you like; a meal at your favourite restaurant, a trip to a scenic locality, or even a visit to a ballgame will do. This will keep you going and naturally make you work harder.

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    Make it known

    When you are trying to get into the habit, let others around you know it. This will occasionally lead to others reminding you about your writing, and if you are reminded and made to feel a little bad in public, there is a greater chance that you will write more often.

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