How to Manipulate a Psychologist

There are many companies in the world which conduct proper psychological assessment tests before hiring employees. Such tests help the organization know the strengths and weaknesses of a potential candidate. In other scenarios, you may want a specific medicine prescribed, for which your psychologist needs to be on board.

For any reason, if you wish to manipulate a psychologist, know that it is not a practice which is encouraged. You will not only be wasting your own time and money, but that of the psychologist, who can be treating actual patients with genuine mental health issues.


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    Do your research

    You must remember that you have to do proper research about a problem if you are looking to fake it. If you do not know much about the issue, your chances of manipulating the psychologist are going to be extremely thin. Learn about the problem, its causes, symptoms and side effects. If you know the symptoms, you can easily pretend in front of the psychologist.

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    Be confident

    If you are trying to fake a problem, you must be confident. If you get nervous or show signs of anxiety, the psychologist will be able to make you out. You facial expressions and body language should not give off any odd signals. Just stay calm and speak out what you have already rehearsed.

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    Be patient

    You are trying to fake a problem and the psychologist keeps asking you in-depth questions, chances are high that you may lose patience because it is incredibly difficult to cheat anyone for a long period of time. However, if you want to get away clean, just remain patient and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

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    Do not show real weaknesses

    During your job interview with a psychologist, you are likely to come across some basic questions like ‘your strength or weakness’. It is highly recommended that your answer should not be such that it leaves a bad impression on the psychologist.

    For example, instead of saying that you are an emotional person or you have a tendency of losing patience, you should say something more neutral, like you smoke or sleep too much.

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