How to Be Immune to Emotions

What is immunity? In terms of emotions, it means being able to resist emotions. There are several philosophies which revolve around the idea that all humans need emotions. It doesn’t matter whether those emotions are good or bad, in order to feel like a human, everyone needs to feel something. However, some people want to get immune to different emotions which lead to unhappiness, stress, etc. Even though there is no way to reach a state where you don’t feel anything emotionally, there are ways through which you can become immune to certain emotions.


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    The best way to develop immunity to a certain emotion is by facing that emotion time and time again. You need to feel the pain and not hide it in order to reduce it. You can simply compare this with a physical wound. Wounds need to be exposed so they can get healed. Therefore, you need to express your emotions to someone who you can trust. If you can’t trust anyone, you can always trust yourself and write a personal diary. At least this way you will be able to face the emotional pain by reliving the moments which made you feel that way.

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    Crying is a natural process of healing emotions, but most people believe that it’s a sign of weakness. It’s the best way to heal your emotional pain. Moreover, while crying, all you are thinking about is the emotional stress that you have been going through and it helps you face your own fears.

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    Once you are going through an emotional trauma, try not to get involved in other things which might end up in a bad way. There is only so much a human mind can take. Do not cross the level of emotional tolerance, or it will be impossible for you to become immune to a certain emotion.

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    Soon, when you start facing all your fears, and when you cry over all the emotional stress which you have taken in the past, you will notice that gradually you will become immune to everything. You will get used to of all the pain and it will become extremely easy for you to handle any pressure regarding that particular emotion. It’s just like an antibody working inside you. You can deal with a certain disease because of its presence inside your body, not because of its absence.

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    The key to being immune to an emotion is by making it insignificant. By the time you reach this stage, you will attain immunity.

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