How to Speak With Someone Who has Hearing Loss

When you are standing in front of a person who is unfortunately suffering from a hearing loss, you know that you just have to make your dialogue and communication successful in all terms in a bid to make sure that the other person does not feel the slightest tinge of something he is lacking on. There are a lot of ways to make sure that the person suffering from hearing loss can easily understand what you are trying to say to them. Furthermore, it would be rude to not try your best to get your message through to someone like that.


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    The most important thing to talk to a person whose hearing is impaired is by talking to them directly. Also, make sure that the two of you are on the same level and that there is enough light in the area for the person to see you properly. Position yourself in such a manner that the light false on the speaker’s face and not in his eyes.

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    It is also rude to talk to a person with hearing loss from another room as that person will never understand a word that you are saying.

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    It is always better to speak in a clear, slow, distinct yet natural fashion. Do not shout out loud or use over exaggerated lip movements. When you shout, your sound gets all distorted which will make speech reading even more difficult for the person than it already is.

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    From the beginning of the conversation, say the person’s name as it will give him an opportunity to focus his attention to you and will also reduce the chances of missing the initial conversation.

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    It is best that you avoid talking rapidly or using sentences that have a complex structure. Hearing is already hard for the other person and hearing complicated sentences makes things even more tougher. Slow down after each sentence. Use pauses and breaks in order to make sure that the other person has understood what you have just said.

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    It is not advisable to put your hands in front of your mouth while you are eating, smoking or chewing. This will affect the other person’s speech recognition ability which is already limited.

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    While talking to a person with hearing loss, try your best to minimise extraneous noise while talking. Background noise will make things difficult for that person so it is better to go somewhere quiet in order to have your discussion.

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