How to Test Your Psychic Abilities

Been exposed to gamma radiation or maybe bitten by a genetically altered insect or abducted by aliens and now suddenly you find yourself with psychic powers? Well, if any of those happened to you and you think you have psychic powers it is safe to assume that you are one lucky person.

The second thing is to test and make sure of or determine the extent or level of your psychic abilities. This is what we will aim to do in a simple process that hopefully will result in finding out more your psychic abilities.


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    The first step is to test it on yourself. Yes, you read that right. Pick a number in your mind and don’t say it out loud. Concentrate on the number and after five seconds say that number out loud. If you got it right, then well done, you have passed the first test but if you didn’t then we advise you go see a doctor as you may not be in the best of mental health.

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    The next step is a little harder. Grab your pet and place it near you. Now put two different snacks in front of it and try to look deep into your pet’s eyes to determine which of the two snacks it will go for. If you guess it right then well done, that’s the second test passed. Also, we recommend you buy yourself a lottery ticket as well or place a bet at the local races.

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    With your psychic levels proven at a basic level it is now time to move on to more intelligent, developed forms of life. Time to bring in another person to test your powers on, we recommend you start off with a close friend. Ask him to think of a number or a colour and hold it in his mind. Look into his or her eyes and guess the number but only if you feel it coursing through your veins.

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    If you guess right then you may move on to random people but try not to creep them out and be subtle in your approach. Also, take it easy on the whole ‘looking deep into their eyes’ approach.

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