How to Resolve Conflict Constructively

Conflict between two or more than two people is not unusual because when you work with people having different backgrounds, ideologies and aptitude, you cannot avoid disagreement. If disagreement on an issue is not resolved promptly, it eventually leads to conflict.

If you are having a conflict at workplace with someone – your boss or a coworker – you cannot afford to let things go and further deteriorate the relationship. You have to act sensibly and resolve the conflict constructively.


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    Understand the person you are having a conflict with

    Try to understand the person who is having a conflict with you. Most of the times, it is not vengeance or hatred that pits people against you, but it is their own interest that makes them do that. So, do not take the conflict personally and understand the behaviour of the person. The worst thing you can do is assume that the person, who is having a conflict with you, has something against you.

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    Put yourself under scrutiny

    If you think that you cannot make a mistake and every bad stuff that goes on at workplace is a brainchild of someone else - you are mistaken. Put yourself under scrutiny first and try to assess what might have been the cause of the conflict. The person who you are having a conflict with might have been justified, and maybe it was all your fault. In that case, you have to be brave enough to accept the mistake and move on.

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    Talk it over

    A conflict cannot resolve itself unless you take a step to do something about it. So the best thing to do is talk the conflict over with your opponent. Ask nicely what can be done to resolve the issue and do not impose your points on him/her.

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    Involve others to help you resolve the conflict

    When all else fails and there is nothing you can do to fix the issue, you can ask others to help you resolve the conflict. Be brave enough to consult your boss, superior or the manager and tell them the entire matter. Have a face-to-face meeting and let the opponent share their thoughts and viewpoints.

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    Toughen up and apologise, if you want to put an end to the conflict right away. Even if you think you are right and the problem was created by someone else, apologising to them won’t hurt your feelings or make you sound inferior.

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