How to Keep your Audience Attention

Getting attention of the audience is the most important objective for any speaker who is giving a presentation or delivering a speech. For obtaining desired result from the audience, a speaker should deliver his or her presentation or speech in a catchy way that keeps the audience engaged. Those speakers always grab the attention of audience who prepare well and deliver their presentation in a way that is appealing.

However, it is very important to learn the art of getting attention of audience when you are giving a presentation. If you are a beginner or an experienced speaker, you have to make the audience attentive through your tone and also through the way you deliver your speech. Many people get confused while addressing to a huge audience and do not know how to give a good presentation. If you are also one of these people, then continue reading this post which will help you in becoming a good speaker and will also help you in getting attention of the audience.


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    Start your speech or presentation by giving a promise to the audience that you are going to tell them something beneficial. This is an effective way to make them listening to what you say.

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    Using the pitch of your voice also creates a considerable impact. Try to include something emotional or something your listeners could relate themselves with.

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    Another important thing you should do is try to make eye contact to as many listeners as you can especially to those ones who are there to evaluate you.

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    Moving around while speaking to the audience is another aspect that shows your confidence. It makes the audience attentive and they start considering themselves a part of the presentation.

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    Also try to ask questions to the audience during the course of presentation as it keeps them attentive. It will also enable you to judge the interest of the audience whether they are listening to you or not.

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    Make use of visuals to prove your points as it creates a strong and prolonged impact on the audience and they will pay more attention to your presentation.

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    If your presentation is all about introducing a product then also use samples of the product. Also give is to someone from the audience to try which will grab their attention easily.

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    Do not forget to thank the audience for being there as it will leave a good impression in their minds. You can also give them your contact details and encourage them to stay in touch with you for further information or details about your presentation.

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