Top 10 Supernatural Powers a Human Can Have

As mere mortals we humans have limited powers, and where those limits end, supernatural powers begin. These supernatural powers are those we desire, but will never have unless there is a radical mutation in our DNA. Imagine the things we humans will be able to accomplish if we ever manage to attain supernatural powers. However, with such powers we will obviously have to be more careful and responsible. Some of the top ten supernatural powers a human can have are mentioned in this article.


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    Since the dawn of mankind on this planet, flying has certainly been the main focus of attention; however, humans still haven’t figured out a way to be born with flying abilities. This supernatural power will change the world as we know it. One noteworthy fact is that almost all super heroes depicted in comic books have the power to fly, which is considered as a sign of being supernatural on most occasions.

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    Ability to be in different places in the blink of an eye is yet another supernatural power which would give humans enormous power. CW’s Supernatural, a television show, uses the concept of this phenomenon in their storylines regarding the appearance and disappearance of different characters.

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    Cell Regeneration

    Cell regeneration would mean immortality for humans. The concept of cell regeneration has prevailed in human societies since ancient times. After getting wounded in battle or accident, regenerating the damaged tissues without medical care would be a very attractive supernatural power.

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    X-ray vision

    Ability to see through walls is a great concept, comic character Superman is perhaps the only super hero born with this power. Taking lead from this concept, US Special Forces use thermal imaging to see through walls in order to pinpoint the exact location of living objects.

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    Super Speed

    Ability to run faster than the speed of light is something which most of us want in order to reach places in time.

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    Super strength

    As mortal humans our strength is limited, which means we need machines to do the heavy lifting for us. However, being born with super strength will give us the ability to lift loads and punch through walls with ease.

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    Enhanced sense of hearing

    The power to hear things beyond the normal frequency would be great to have. Hearing something first and then reacting to it would put us at an advantage over others.

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    Unbreakable skeleton

    While bones are the strongest parts of a human body, they are still not as hard as we would like them to be. Bones can easily break, taking away our ability to move freely for months. However, bones with unbreakable metal would make humans invincible. A fictional character Wolverine is known to have such a skeleton.

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    Mind Control

    Mind control is the power to control the thoughts and actions of others with our own mind. This power will give an individual enormous control over others. Marvel Comics character Professor Charles Francis Xavier, also known as Professor X, has this supernatural power.

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    Ability to generate and control magnetic fields

    Imagine moving metal objects without having to touch them. The ability to control magnetic fields, and consequently metal, could prove immensely useful.

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