How to Improve Group Decision Making

No matter if you are head of a business committee, captain of a school team or leading a production team, it is very important to take others in confidence before making any vital decisions. Involving others in the decision making process enables you to get maximum suggestions and evaluate both positive and negative impacts of a decision.

However, group decision making can also lead you to a situation where nobody is listening to each other and ultimately there is confusion. This is when it becomes necessary to improve group decision making. It can be an uphill task but you can do it by following some simple yet effective tips.


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    Think about the issue:

    You should start by doing some research about the issue. Before putting it in front of the group, you should be clear about the problem otherwise this whole process will be just a waste of time and energy. Think about the issue and try to make a list of the root causes and impacts.

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    Know abilities and limits of group members:

    Next thing you should do is to determine the abilities and limits of your group members. This will help you in deciding how to present the issue in front of them and how to handle this decision making process. Knowing their temperaments will enable you to do well as a moderator and ultimately this process will be more productive.

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    Communicate to the group:

    After doing all the homework, now it’s time to bring all the members in to the loop. It is very important to make the members realise how important it is to take a prompt step. Make sure that you are giving them complete information about the issue.

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    Brainstorm the problem:

    Encourage the group members to think and come up with some valid solutions. Gather all the facts as this will help you in making the right decision in much less time. This part of decision making is the most important one as you will have to maintain your focus and stay productive. Brainstorming will enable you to come up with a list of possible solutions to the problem.

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    Determine the impact:

    Now, when you have a list of possible decisions, it is time to determine their impacts. Open the discussion and invite all the group members to highlight positive and negative impacts of every decision. In the end, pick the best one and seek approval from the group.

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