How to Live With a Narcissist

Living with a narcissist can prove to be really tough, especially when you find your self-esteem being torn down on regular basis. You will find yourself making a lot of compromises just to keep the narcissist satisfied.

However, you do not have to keep allowing your narcissist to trample over you and your self-esteem whenever they feel like it. Take a stand for yourself and let them know that you have a voice as well.


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    Establish boundaries and clearly communicate them to your narcissist. Tell them clearly what you will tolerate and what you simply would not. If you do not define any such boundaries, your narcissist will exploit the freedom of saying and doing whatever they want without really caring about how their words and actions are affecting you. Understand that you cannot control or stop them from everything, but that does not mean you do not stop them from anything at all.

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    Maintain your self-esteem on your own. Your narcissist will be taking regular hits at your self-esteem, tearing it down and making you feel stupid and worthless. You will only find yourself sinking if you do not make an effort to bolster your own self-esteem. Try to spend more time with people who appreciate you and your intelligence. Indulge in activities that make you happy and at the same time give your ego a boost. Never stop loving yourself.

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    Create a positive support system. This is an absolute must for you since you will need some sort of help and support from the outside to maintain your self-esteem and continue to feel normal. You can seek the help of your friends or a psychologist to deal with the narcissist you are living with.

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    Do not allow the narcissist to have the liberty of taking out his frustration and anger on you. Just because they are upset about something gives them no right to treat you with disdain. Express your own outrage if they start blowing their steam. Another way to prevent the narcissist from using you as their punching bag to simply walk away, while letting them know you will return once you start getting the respect you deserve.

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    Sharpen your negotiation skills. Just because the narcissist wants something does not mean they have to get it. Learn to convince your narcissist into folding in front of your demands.

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    Understand and accept that it will be extremely difficult, if possible at all, to give your narcissist a makeover. Instead of trying to change them, ask yourself if you really want to continue living with such a person. If yes, work with them to create certain rules and boundaries to make things more bearable. If not, consider walking away from the person for good.

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