How to Balance School and Social Life

Students spent their half of the day at school, and then back at home they have their studies and homework which keep them busy till the end of the day. The school life is tough, and in this busy schedule students do not get much time for socializing. Their social life squeezed up on a dinner table, when they sit along with their family and talk to each other. In this era, there a lot of things around to socialize, students just need to give them a little more time in order to manage their work and social life.


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    First make a planner, where you mention what are the things you want to do daily and list them up. Without any doubt your first priority should be your studies, so make a proper time for completing homework and rest of the assignments. If you listed finishing homework right after you return home then it would be possible that you will feel free all the day to do other things you want to do. While working, switch off your television and cell phone, so that a text message, call or any program will not distract you. Concentration is an important thing, if you do not focus on studies it would be difficult for you to get better ranks.

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    After homework you will feel relieved and then you can check out your mails and updates on social networking sites. These websites like facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are the easiest way to get social. You chat with your friends and share your pictures and plan your parties or events all together at one place.

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    Take a nap, it is good for your health, after too much work you will need to rest a little to get some freshness. After getting up make further plans like listening to music or watching a movie. You cannot always watch television, so movies are a better option.

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    The best part of the day is hanging out with friends, so make sure you have left enough time for your friends after all work. Tell your friends select the same hour to spend together, so that they will not have problems in meeting and playing together.

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    Do not forget to sleep on proper time, take six to eight hours of sleep at night. Less sleep affects your immune system and disturbs your mind due to tiredness especially during school hours.

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