How to Speak During a Live Interview

To enjoy command and authority one has to be a convincing speaker. Remember your word will be worth nothing if people do not pay heed to it. If you cannot convince the masses then you need to evaluate your speaking abilities.

Becoming a convincing speaker requires confidence, practice and knowledge regarding the topic you are talking about. If you are being interviewed, you obviously want to be heard but if you keep failing to filter unwanted information there is high chance that no one will remember why you were actually there in the first place.

Giving an interview to a newspaper is something quite easy, but sitting in front of a camera or talking live in front of people is a different ball game.


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    While talking in a live interview anything you say can be held against you, so you have to be extra cautious not to let anything slip from your tongue that might prove regretful.

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    Confidence is the key to any interview. While sitting in front of the lens it is vital to exhibit confidence and hide any nervousness which you may have.

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    Make eye contact with your listeners. If you are talking to the nation, look into the camera as it will enhance your authority.

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    Do not be uptight, keep a smile on your face and if your interviewer asks an aggressive question try not to lose your temper.

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    It is never a good idea to use “filler words” as they make your listeners lose their concentration, eventually causing them to forget whatever you said in the interview. Filler words include um, ahh, like, so, and you know. These filler words give an impression that you are not well prepared and do not have enough knowledge to talk on a particular subject.

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    You need to self test your issues regarding the use of filler words. You can listen to your voice on tape or record it during a phone call and then count the use of the filler words. Notice that if you use them frequently in two minutes, then you better seriously start working on finding ways to eradicate this habit. Remember, filler words make you sound less professional and unsure.

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    If you feel like you are about to use a filler word take a pause. It is not wrong to take a pause for a while before answering your interviewer. This will give you time to think about what you want to say.

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