10 Common Reasons why People Commit Suicide

Life sure isn’t easy, but it is amazingly beautiful as well.

If one opens his/her eyes and heart, they will find there is undeniable beauty in just about everything in life. Still hundreds of people kill themselves every day.

Committing suicide is a crime, but still it is the third leading cause of death in the world.  Suicide ratio is high among young generation, according to some authentic suicide surveys. What makes an individual to take a hard step  and his/her own precious life has unlimited reasons. We have compiled a handy list of top 10 common reasons why people commit suicide. It will be helpful in determining the major causes of suicide and to control them as much as possible.


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    Losing the Purpose of Living

    Life is like a long journey and you never know where it will take you. It is not a bed of roses and is like a roller coaster that has its own ups and downs. But, many people don’t understand this fact and expect everything to be perfect. They have no purpose in living unless they have all comforts and pleasures in life. And at a certain point in life, they start thinking that their life is useless and they don’t exist for others. This kind of negative feeling gives birth to some serious psychological issues like loneliness, depression and self-loathing etc. These issues can make one to commit suicide.

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    Depression is one of the major causes of suicides, affecting various age groups. Lack of love and care, improper response from loved ones, poor health, economic crisis, physical stamina etc are some of the major reasons of depression, a serious state of mind. There are many forms of depression that can not only push a sufferer make wrong moves in life, but force him/her to end their life.

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  • 3

    Physical and sexual abuse

    Violence and sexual harassment occur everywhere nowadays; in homes, public places, workplaces, educational institutions etc. Women and children remain the main target, as they are considered weak by nature.

    Sexual or physical abuse can be a distressing and harrowing experience for the victim. Physical violence exists in the form of child labor, family hostility, ragging in educational organizations, tormenting aged people and bullying in organizations.

    Both physical and sexual abuses give birth to helplessness in the victims, with nothing to live for.

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    Everyone needs money. No one can live without money as it is the solution of many physical and emotional needs of an individual. When there is shortage of money to fulfill the needs, especially the basic necessities of life, one borrows money. The high interest rate on the loan multiplies the amount to be paid back. When the debt reaches to a point where the borrower finds him or herself unable to pay it back, they kill themselves.

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  • 5

    Fatal Heath Issues

    People with fetal/incurable diseases find it a susceptible situation and lose hope. Their situation becomes worse when their loved ones leave them while going through hard times in life. For some patients though, the disease is restorable, but it costs more than they can afford. Such conditions easily push the patients into mood disorder and depression. As a result, the sufferers take their life.

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  • 6


    Pretences in the name of Dowry is a common practice in Asian Countries, especially Pakistan and India. But not everyone can afford dowry for their daughter’s marriage. The inhuman acts like the illegal demands and tortures of the husband’s family force the women to kill themselves.

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  • 7

    Mental Illness

    Chemical disproportions in human brain can easily trigger mental disorder, also known as mental illness. Mentally upset people suffer from emotions, thought process, judgments and perception of reality etc. Given below are some of the mental disorders that cause feelings of vulnerability, inconsequentiality, and a wish to cause harm to oneself or others:

    - Depression
    - Bipolar disorder
    - Dysthymic disorder
    - Schizophrenia
    - Delusions
    - Hallucinations
    - Thought disorder
    - Movement disorders
    - Obsessive
    - Psychosis
    - Othello syndrome

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    Poverty is one among the major reasons behind suicidal tendencies in people, mostly observes in the under-developed and developing countries. The poor people find it almost impossible to find sources of income or to meet the basic necessities of life. In such cases, they don’t think anything else except ending their own life.

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  • 9


    Recent studies show that “Loneliness simply kills.” It is one among the major suicidal symptoms. It can occur at any time in life. People suffering from loneliness crave for love, care and human interaction, but their unstable state of mind makes it difficult for them to make friends or develop relationships. At a certain point in life, loneliness provides an individual with a strong reason to commit suicide.

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  • 10

    Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse can occur in any age, but its ratio is high among youth. Many social, personal and professional problems give birth to depression. After some time, the person gets into an addiction of substance like cocaine, marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, amphetamines, anabolic steroids and opiates, etc.

    Substance abuse is an unlawful act. Its over dosage and lack of availibity can result in suicides.

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