How to Approach Someone about a Lie

A lie can sometimes lead to many lies, as the person who lies finds it very difficult to admit it. The matter is very delicate and can lead to turning even friends into enemies. However, you can handle the situation in a more empathetic way by finding a nice way to tell the person the truth that they are lying. It is also a matter waiting for a right opportunity to tell the person about their lie more comfortably so they do not take it as a matter of ego.


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    Knowing Reasons

    First of all you should find the reasons behind lying by a person. It is sometimes possible that the person has lied as a strategic measure. For example, to avert a fight between friends or even parents. Sometimes, lies can lead to serious consequences and at others, they just create confusion. Nevertheless, lying is not a good habit.

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    Wait for Right Opportunity

    Do not get angry or impatient on finding out a lie by some person, even your close friend, and wait for the right opportunity. It happens that a person who lies finds it annoying to know they have been caught. So when the right time comes, tell that person in a rather friendly way that you are aware of their lie.

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    Face Saving

    While telling a person about their lies, do it in a way that they do not feel too embarrassed about it. Also, telling bluntly can make it a matter of ego, and it is possible that they lie more to cover up their original lie. So it is better to present an a face-saving opportunity while telling the person that you are aware of their lie.

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    Explanation of Situation

    One way of giving a liar face-saving opportunity is to tell him how they could have done better by not telling something wrong at a particular time, and then get him indulged into discussion around the situation. It is possible that discussing or explaining matter to them can make them a better and honest person.

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