How to Deal with Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service is a part and parcel of today’s business oriented world. You may have come across salesmen, waiters, marketing people or simply product and services which have promised a lot but delivered little, further making matters worse to an extent that you feel parting ways altogether. While most of you don’t feel the need to take action, handling the situation in a proper manner will not only give personal satisfaction but will help the concerned company take notice of your frustration and make changes in order to improve customer service.


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    Be specific in your claims

    You must know the main reasons behind your discomfort before taking the argument further. In some scenarios, you may be at fault simply because you misunderstood the situation. Make sure you have a good enough reason to complain.

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    Show empathy

    In the beginning, it is wise to be kind in your demands. If you ask for a product’s replacement, which has been tampered with, do that in a polite and kind manner. This will go a long way in helping you deal with the situation. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with a service, be specific in your claims and show empathy towards the attendant. This will allow you to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner.

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    Talk to the supervisor

    If no common ground is reached, then it is best advised to talk to a senior person such as a supervisor or manager. These people have greater authority and are in a much better position to help you out. Convey your frustration in an adequate way so that managers can take quick measures to sort out the problem.

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    Look for a comprise

    It is important that you seek a compromise rather than bargaining for a deal on your own terms. For instance, if you have missed a flight, then you may not be in a position to get a full refund or you may be entitled for an exchange of a product rather than a refund. Make sure that you clearly understand the terms and policies of the company you are dealing with.

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    Part ways

    If no solution is reached, the best you can do is to end your association with the company for good.  However, consider this option as a last resort.

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