How to Develop Multi Cultural Skills

You have to develop multi cultural skills in order to survive in the current global business economy. Revolution in the world of information technology has converted this world into a global village, which means that we can now easily interact with people from different cultures, religious beliefs, professions or ethnic backgrounds. In order to be successful in today’s competitive environment, you must be aware of the social and cultural sensitivities to build professional relations.

Apart from professional life, enhancing your multi cultural skills may benefit you in your personal life as well. Marriages between people of different countries or religions have become very common. A number of students go abroad to seek higher studies. Unless or until you know how to deal with different cultures, you may find yourself struggling.


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    Study about different cultures

    You should read extensively about the history of the world and should be aware of how the human civilization has evolved over centuries. Apart from studying the history of your particular country or region, you should read stuff about other cultures as well.

    Similarly, you should have the basic knowledge about different religions, especially the major ones like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. If you know the basic beliefs of all these religions, you are likely to adjust to different atmospheres easily.

    In the modern age of internet, you can easily find the required information about any culture or religion.

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    Learn different languages

    Apart from having a strong grip on your native language, you should learn some international languages like English, Arabic and French. It will definitely enhance your multi cultural skills. For example, if you know Arabic, you would be able to communicate with people from the middle-east much more effectively.

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    Observe keenly

    You should observe those around you and learn about people as individuals and in a community. This will help you understand how people interact and behave in various regions of the world.

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    Have no prejudice

    Do not let prejudice affect your decisions and choices. You must remember that all humans are equal and humanity is the main principle which everyone must adhere to. Do not consider your culture or race to be superior and never look down upon others. If you have prejudices, you would never be able to adjust with people from different backgrounds

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