How to Lay a Guilt Trip on Someone

Laying a guilt trip on someone is a great way to get what you want and have it done in the fastest possible time by showing yourself as the victim in any case. Making someone feel sorry is not always easy for men as it is easy for women to do with their husband and children but a little harder to do with someone else that is not part of the family.

With the proper techniques and methods, you will be able to lay a guilt trip on someone and have what you want done, in the way you want to. Remember, overdoing it will make the person realize that it is not naturally coming from you and instead, you are acting into making them do something.


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    Looking Sad

    Looking sad has everything to do with laying a guilt trip on someone and mothers are very popular for doing this. By holding your hands together and saying things like “you don’t love me anymore” or “you don’t really care about me at all” will make the other person feel sad and guilty as well at the same time.

    Facial expressions that make you look sad and forgotten are great ways to carry this method out and adding a statement of “I know you have a busy life” with it will force the other person to go deeper in his guilt.

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    Play Helpless

    When anyone sees that you are helpless in a certain situation, it will be easy to manipulate their feelings and give them a guilt trip they will be remembering for days and weeks at a time. Like when you want your car to be repaired and are not looking to spend that amount for it, you can easily say that “you will take public transport instead” and the other person will definitely start feeling the guilt in their stomach, giving you an immediate reaction from their side.

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    Taking the Credit

    When you want to lay a guilt trip on someone, another useful method is to take the credit of doing something in such a way that the other person will feel guilty. Saying that “Look at all I’ve done for you” and describe how you work so hard to fulfil their wishes and dreams to get what you want in return for it. Parents do this often with children when they need something by saying “I won’t ask for anything again because I’ll do it myself”, forcing the kids to do it instead right away.

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