How to Prepare for House Guests

Everyone wants to place a good impression on incoming house guests. To do so however, endless efforts are required to make everything perfect and ready. Preparing for house guests can turn out to be an exhaustive process, leaving the host drained by the end of the visit. Things are more demanding when the guests stay overnight and one has to cater for bedding as well.

However, with a little bit of forward planning and useful tips, preparing for house guests can be made less challenging. This will allow the host(s) to enjoy time with his/her guests and get relieved of the pressure.


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    Planning in advance helps prevent any pressure buildups and last minute panics. Finalize the number of people who are going to visit. The preparations also differ according to the nature and relationship of guests. Some relatives and friends are very informal and close, so there isn’t any need to try and put up a perfect show for them, as they are accommodating. Others however are formal and can be very picky about arrangements.

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    Cleaning the place is the first concern. Divide up the areas among house members and get to work. Although the whole house should be cleaned, pay special attention to the guest bedrooms and bathrooms.

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    Designate the bedrooms the guests are going to use. Stock them with linens according to need. Place fresh sheets on the beds and blankets according to the weather and put towels, slippers and soap in the bathroom. The rooms can also be customized according to the tastes of the guests, for example by placing flowers and books.

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    List down the number of meals the guests are going to have inside the house. Now decide on a menu for each meal. Simple changes can be made according to the situation but planning ahead helps in smooth operations. The menu can be based on the favourites of the guests from past experiences or simply by inquiring from them.

    Collect the ingredients needed for the meals and stock the refrigerator. The first day welcoming meal is usually special so pay greater attention to it.

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    Sit down and think about the things you will require when you visit someone else’s home.

    Do you need an alarm clock by your side?

    An extra pillow?

    It is most likely that your guests will also be feeling the same needs. Cater to these and do a little bit extra to surprise and delight them. A small chocolate bar on the pillow will make the stay a lot more special.

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