How to Avoid Repetitive Stress Injury from Typing

Technology has taken over at a mass scale. Hence, everyone in the world carries a laptop and works on it during nine long office hours. No physical movement and just sitting at your chair can cause a lot of pain. Moreover, the consistent typing can cause repetitive stress injury which can hamper your hand or fingers or maybe even arms for some instance. You need to understand the damage that can be done if the proper procedure is not followed while typing for long hours. It is essential to give yourself a break while working on something that requires immense concentration and monotonous movement of fingers.


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    You need to keep a decent posture. Your feet should be flat at the floor and knees should be directly over your feet. No bents should be made while typing because it can cause strain on the legs and might slow down the blood circulation in your lower part. Your back should be straight p and shoulders in line with your feet.

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    Adjust the height of seat so that your hands rest on the table straight up and are not at angle from their original position. You need to keep your arms straight while typing and learn the art of typing before starting any assignment. You need to know where the letters are and your hand movement should be precise and gentle.

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    You will get tired quickly if your elbow is more than 90 degree from your keyboard. Your mouse should be adjacent to the keyboard and your monitor should be directly in front of you at your line of sight. Anything placed different or used differently can cause strain and will tire your body quickly.

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    Never bend down your writs and keep them straight up. Your hands should be floating on the keyboard without any movement from your wrist. Don’t put a lot of strain on fingers by pressing the keyboard letters hard because it can cause pain and you will not be able to type properly afterwards.

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    Stretch your body after typing for almost 30 minutes or so. Stretch your body against the wall. Stretch your arms as much as you against the wall and keep your fingers straight, not making a fist for punch.

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    Take a deep breath after typing for 10 minutes. It will be a little break that will help you to regroup some energy.

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