How to Know If Someone Is Lying

Despite it being regarded as a sinful and inappropriate practice in nearly every religion, society and culture, lying has become a regular part of our daily lives. The practice has become so common that people hardly seem to get bothered about it. Media, governments, politicians, employers and their employees, nearly everyone commits this act on a frequent basis.

People often begin to think of themselves as really smart once they get good at the art of lying. However, it is possible to tell if a person is telling the truth or if they are feeding you lies by looking for subtle hints and indications.


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    One of the most effective ways of knowing if someone is lying to you is to compare what they say on a certain day and compare it to what they had said before. If there is an inconsistency in their statements on different days such as names, dates or events then there is hardly any doubt left about them lying to you.

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    Observe the body language of the person while they are talking to you. If the person is fidgeting too much, or is avoiding a direct eye contact while speaking, then there is a strong likelihood that they are lying to you. Fidgeting and avoiding eye contact are signs of nervousness and discomfort, both of which normally occur when a person knows that they are doing something wrong and fear the consequences if caught.

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    Sometimes, it is good to show some faith in your sixth sense. If your intuition tells you immediately that someone is lying to you, then understand that there must be a pretty good reason for this feeling. Do not just ignore it. You should not jump to conclusions either. Follow your hunch by searching for further evidence.

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    In a lot of cases, the liar tries to project themselves on to others. If you find a person accusing you of making a false statement even though you know for a fact that you have not, then there is a strong likelihood that you are dealing with a liar who is trying to shift the blame on you instead of owning up to their bluff.

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    If you are getting a strong feeling that a person is not being honest with you, you should ask them directly if they are lying. A significant percentage of people find themselves out of their comfort zone when telling a lie, which is why it is a huge relief for them when they get caught and finally get an opportunity to come clean.

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