How to Properly Track Your Progress

Everyone wants to get into shape but most of us end up working out for a few days before giving up due to one reason or another. This cycle has probably repeated itself for as long as you can remember and often you end up staying the same or even gaining more weight. While working out is essential to gain fitness, it is of little use without properly tracking your progress. Without keeping a record of your progress, it is hard to remain motivated after a few days.

Before you start a plan, remember that the human body works in a complex manner. Losing and gaining weight is not just about numbers; while the scales may show your weight has increased, it does not necessarily mean you have gained fat.


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    Write everything down

    It is important to start writing every detail down. Get a separate notepad and put down all details in order to make a plan and follow it without losing sight of your goal. Note down your weight, your daily routine, workout schedules and details of your diet. Also set aims and goals so you can track your progress with comparison.

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    Take measurements

    Buy a measuring tape and use it to measure specific points on your body for reference. You have to measure the same area every time for consistent and accurate results. Measure the circumference of your neck, shoulders, chest, bicep, waist, hips and thighs and note it down.

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    Take photographs

    One of the best ways to track changes in your physique is taking photographs. You can either setup your phone camera on a timer or photograph yourself using a mirror. Date the photos and keep them for future reference. When you compare future photos with old ones, differences will be very clear, thereby allowing you to gauge change easily.

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    Gap between measurements

    While you may be tempted to keep your scales nearby and check your weight every day, you will be disappointed with the results. The human body has complex processes and your weight fluctuates over the course of a day. You should measure your weight (and body) every few days in order to give it time to settle down. This will save you the frustration of seeing your weight go up every time you eat a heavier meal and when you see clear changes after a few days, you are more likely to remain motivated.

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