How to Be the Perfect House Guest

If you plan to visit family or friends and stay over for some days, there are some rules you need to follow. The manners of a house guest can either flourish an existing relationship or break a close bond. You need to be a guest with etiquettes who will be invited again instead of the one who is a burden to the hosts. Some guests make the whole atmosphere pleasant and are liked by everyone, while others make the host sigh with relief when they are gone. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to become a good house guest, some politeness and manners will make a lot of difference. Here are some tips that will make your hosts want you to stay longer.


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    Communicate your plan

    The first rule is to avoid giving surprises. Do not land on any ones door step unannounced. No matter how much they love you, having a guest still needs preparation. Coordinate with your friend and inform them about your plan: time, day of arrival and length of stay. Do not give estimates, be exact! This will help you in not over staying. The host can also make their plans accordingly. It will give them time to decide how to manage. If you will have children with you, do tell the host their timings or eating habits etc. Also ask them about any rules in the house, this will show that you are considerate.

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    Give a gift

    Who doesn't like gifts? You do not need to spend a lot to buy something elaborate; it just needs to be a gesture. A good idea is to bring something from where you live: Cookies from a reputed bakery, coffee beans or any local product. This will really make your guests happy.

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    Respect privacy

    You need to give your host some mental and physical space. Try not to keep sitting in the living room all day, and keep yourself busy for at least two to three hours. Do not let your things lying about everywhere. There are many options when you go to a new place: roam in the market, sightseeing etc. Also make sure not to interrupt any of your host’s social plans.

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    Get dinner

    It is one of the easiest things to do and will also give you a lot of appreciation. As you are staying at some ones place, it is not their job to feed you 3 times a day, so try to lighten up their burden. When you go out, come back with some take away or you could even volunteer to cook some time. It will give your host some time to relax. Sometimes you could bring home pastries or some coffee or any other snack.

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